What We Do

We assist all our clients, step by step through out their journey as an invaluable part toward the creation of sustainable wealth.


Our Company

Web Solutions

WEBSOKVR MARKETING SOLUTIONS (PTY) LTD, trade as AFRIWEB SOLUTIONS, was established to assist South African small businesses with Affordable and Quality Web Solutions. We believe in professionalism. Our designs are Simple and Clean.
Our main services includes:

  1. Company Registration
  2. B-BBEE Certificates
  3. Logo designs
  4. Business card designs
  5. Web hosting services
  6. Responsive Website designs

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Handyman Services

SHOWER FITTINGS (PTY) LTD, trade as SHOWER FITTINGS AND GENERAL HANDYMAN SERVICES, was established to assist South African households and glass installers with Affordable and Quality Glass hardware.
Our main services includes:

  1. Interior Painting
  2. Exterior Painting
  3. Brick Work & Plaster Repair
  4. Shower door Repair
  5. Bathroom Renovations
  6. Ceiling & Cornice Repair

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Karel van Rooi

Business Owner

Mobile / WhatsApp:
+27 74 414 4390
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